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Reshape your body, from the inside out.

Cars, chairs, couches, and computers all conspire to make us tight, poochy, and hunched. Fight back with BellyBlast – a whole new approach that targets deep muscles other workouts miss. You’ll learn to take every move you make – throughout the day – into ways to shape, tone, and energize as you go. Join the movement. And feel the Blast.


Training with Jessica Hannan has been one of the best experiences in my life. Her commitment to alignment and stretching and creating strength through movement make her technique outstanding. As an added benefit, through her I increased my balance, and having the hip flexibility assisted through pregnancy and helped me bounce back quickly with everyday movement and dancing.
Lisa W
I was having so much fun in Jessica’s classes that I barely realized I was exercising, but they were certainly challenging enough that I got a great workout. With other instructors in the past I have felt like I am wasting my time because their workouts are too easy. I had chronic pain in my neck, arms and back and Jessica’s training helped me to fix my posture (from too many hours at a desk) and completely resolved my pain. Working with Jessica was fun and challenging in a good way. Even though I have moved to a different state, I still use Jessica’s advice and do her workout videos. I am stronger, more toned and happier because of Jessica’s fun, effective training!
Kathryn H
Her classes helped tone my body and improve my self confidence. Working in a highly stressful job, taking classes with Hannan for 4 years reduced my stress level and improved my sleep.habits.
Susan C


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